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Epoxy Flooring Process

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Epoxy Floors are one of the best options you can choose to upgrade your garage flooring. This flooring solution is durable, long lasting, cleans easily and overall will make your garage look great. Garage Store is an official installer of epoxy floors and will transform your dull concrete floor into an elegant and durable flooring system. Whether you’re looking for everyday garage floor coatings or commercial work space, Garage Store has an epoxy flooring solution that will look great and fit perfectly into your budget.

Here is the process that Garage Store uses for every epoxy floor installation.

1. Homeowners must clear all personal belongings off the floors. Please not that for large items our installation team can assist with the cleaning process. We also can work around some large units and if there is inclement weather, we might have to postpone the work for better weather.

2. Your floors must be prepped. First off, if you already have paint or rustoleum on your floor, it has to be removed. Then the contractor has to diamond grind your concrete. This machine roughens the floor up and opens the pores so that the liquid layers seep in, harden and bite down so you don’t have that peeling problem.

3. Repairs any cracks. Your garage flooring installer will assess floor damage as minor or major and if there are additional costs involved.  They will also keep an eye out for moisture damage.

4. Apply the first layer which is an alkali moisture barrier. This keeps the moisture from the earth from coming up into the garage.

5. Apply a layer of epoxy.

6. Piles of vinyl chips are hand distributed to fully cover your entire garage.

7. Next day the excess is scraped off and sanded vertically and horizontally. What’s left is a textured “no skid” surface.

8. Impervious, UV clear coat is applied and left to dry. Garage door needs to be kept open for 6 hours to allow drying (depending on weather). Sometimes a smell is added so that when it dissipates, you know it’s dry.

9. Keep your cars out of the garage until the drying process is over.

10. Enjoy your new garage floors!

If your ready to upgrade your garage floors today, contact Garage Store, your #1 epoxy flooring installer.


Products To Keep Your Garage Organized

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Is your garage the “catch-all” in your home? The place where it seems like “everything” gets thrown when you have no more room in your house for it? Garage Store is Chicago’s leading garage organization provider, who can turn your “catch-all” garage into a clean, spacious and organized space. Garage Store is an certified installer of Gladiator organization products as well as Hercke and Schulte. No matter how small or large your garage is, we will have a garage organization solution for you.

Some of our most popular  garage organization items to use in the garage are our cabinet systems which allow you to store tools, paint cans, drills, toys, and other items you have in your garage and best of all even if your cabinets are a “catch-all” it wont look like it from the outside! Our bike storage and over head storage solutions are a great way to move items off the floor and up high where you can easily access them when you need them. Garage Store also offers their own Slat-Wall System which allows your to hang rakes, brooms, shovels, power tools as well as our own basket attachments for smaller items and cleaning products.

Garage organization is easy with Garage Store’s endless possibilities. Contact Garage Store today to set up an appointment to discuss your garage organization solutions or to find out more about how Garage Store can help you.

Adding Floor Chips To Your Epoxy Flooring

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Epoxy flooring is a great alternative to dirty and ugly concrete floors that have years of wear and tar on them. Epoxy floors are cost effective and easily installed by our professional staff and team. One of the greatest things about epoxy flooring is how they stand out compared to other flooring types because of their unique choices with colors and flaking. Garage Store has a large assortment of colors and floor chips/flakes available to mix and match from to give you a customized and unique garage floor to meet your needs.

Our epoxy flooring choices allow you to customize your floor by choosing a favorite color, adding flakes in the color of your favorite sports team and more. Not only can our epoxy flooring be used to decorate your garage floor but also a basement, laundry room, showroom, work shop, business, retail location and more. You will also be able to choice a light sprinkle, medium sprinkle or a heavy sprinkle of floor chips/flakes to your floor for a customized design.

Contact Garage Store today to find out more information about our epoxy flooring and how you can create a custom garage floor with our floor chips/flakes today.