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Exterior Concrete Decorative Flooring

Monday, July 9th, 2012

Do you have an exterior surface that has cracks and holes or need resurfacing? Garage Store has an exterior concrete decorative flooring solution to help your exterior patio, porch or sidewalk surfaces look brand new again. Garage Store exterior coatings are designed to handle harsh, outdoor environments and Garage Store can install an exterior concrete coating for less than it would cost to tear out and re-pour new concrete.

Make the first impression of your home the best it can be!¬†Garage Store’s outdoor coatings can give your home a fresh look at a fraction of the cost. We can revitalize front or back patios, porches or sidewalks without the mess or time it takes to tear out old concrete and replace it and the surface will be both safe and comfortable to walk on. Not only can Garage Store help revitalize your exterior surfaces but we can also make your garage, basement or commercial surfaces look like new with our decorative flooring solutions. Our experts will help you choose the best project for your surface and it will all be complete in a few days.

For more information about our exterior concrete decorative flooring and to find out how Garage Store can save you time and money, contact us today. As the industry leader in the Chicagoland area, Garage Store has a flooring, storage or organization solution to fit your needs.

Garage Organization Systems

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Summer is finally here and garage’s all across the United States are getting used every day to park cars, store bicycles, toys, lawn mowers, lawn hoses, and so much more. This is the time of year everyone’s garage seems to be extremely cluttered and everything is unorganized. With Garage Store’s large selection of garage organization systems, we are able to take your clutter and transform it into a beautifully organized garage. We offer Garage Store, Gladiator, Schulte, and Hercke organization systems for your garage. Our professional installers will come to your home and find out what your needs and wants are for your garage and suggest the most practical organizational items to eliminate and organize your garage.

Not only goes Garage Store help you organize your garage with heavy duty and customizable garage organization systems, Garage Store also has a large selection of shelves, baskets and bins they are available for purchase in there online store. These items all work with each specific wall system and are a great way to continually add organization to your garage as you acquire more and more items.

If your interested in our garage organization systems or need more organizational items for your current Garage Store, Gladiator, Schulte or Hercke systems, check out Garage Store’s online store.