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Overhead Garage Storage … for Mom

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

Forget the flowers, just give me space…

Overhead Storage keeps things oganized

By May, most of us mothers are having a hard time getting our cars into the garage, let alone getting out of them without tripping over the miscellaneous clutter that seems to accumulate in the cold months. The garage seems a good place to “stash” things that seem to have no place of their own.

So this year, instead of flowers or candy for Mother’s Day, all I am asking for is a little space. Overhead garage storage, either adjustable or stationary is exactly what I am looking for.  The adjustable units from Garage Store  can be professionally installed. They attach to the ceiling of the garage and hold up to 250 pounds.  They can be raised and lowered to add and remove items, without the need for a ladder. I will also ask my Garage Store representative about stationary racks that offer an adjustable height range up to 46 inches from the ceiling.  I know that either of these options will give me the ability to store many items, especially those things that I don’t use often, off the floor and out of the way. Using the previously wasted space above my car will give me breathing room – both inside my house and in the garage.

My plan is to store the dishes and large serving pieces that I only use during the holidays in bins on these shelves. This will free up cabinet space in my kitchen for the things I use mainly in the summer.  (The bonus is that as the holidays roll around, I will be able to switch – moving summer items into the storage bins and bringing the Holiday items into the kitchen!) I might also store out-of-season clothing  in air-tight containers on these units.  I think I’ll even use this storage space for my wrapping paper container, which is odd-sized and never seems to fit anywhere.

There are so many things that could go be stored on these overhead storage units.  What would you put in yours?