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Curb Appeal: What does your front porch say about you?

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

As a good neighbor, you take pride in your home, and want your property to be as well-groomed as the rest of the neighborhood. You have landscaped your yard, and probably added bushes and maybe even flowers. You either cut your grass regularly or hire someone to do it.  Your leaves are raked in the fall; snow us removed in the winter.

Are you overlooking one of the most noticeable features of your home’s façade?

The next time you walk out your front door, look down.  How do your front porch and sidewalk look?  Many of us rarely use our front doors.  If we have cars, we tend to come and go via our garages. However, when someone comes to our front door, the front porch and sidewalk leading to our front door provide the a first impression of our homes, just as much as good landscaping and a well-manicured lawn.   Cracked, stained and generally ugly concrete can spoil the curb appeal of even the most beautifully maintained home.

Replace or Resurface your concrete porch and sidewalk?

If your concrete porch and sidewalk are pitted, stained or cracked, but still structurally sound, it may not be necessary to go through the mess and time it takes to remove the old concrete and replace it. Having a contractor add a concrete coating to those surfaces could be a great way to revitalize your home.  The coatings are formulated to withstand even the harshest of outdoor environments – from the heat of the summer, the rains of spring and fall, and our freezing cold Chicago land winters.

When done professionally, existing concrete surfaces are repaired, and coated with a system that will make the surfaces not only look fresh and clean, but be safe and easy to walk on.  And it can usually be done in less than two days and at a fraction of the cost of concrete replacement.

The Garage Store is a leader in all types of concrete flooring – from basements to garages, patios, porches and sidewalks. They service Chicago and surrounding suburbs, including Cary, Barrington, Crystal Lake, Palatine, Schaumburg, Naperville, as well as southern Wisconsin and northwest Indiana.