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Christmas is Coming – Where Did I Put Those Decorations?

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Has it been a whole year already?  You know you put those Christmas boxes somewhere, but the year was hectic and the clutter in your garage has multiplied.  Now where are those Christmas lights?

Christmas decorations present a unique storage problem. Bulky items – like that full-size Santa – that make your home look so festive for one month out of the year can present a big challenge when it comes to storage…and the more festive your home is in December, the harder it is to keep yourself organized for the next eleven months.  You need to keep these items out of your way, but you also need to be able to access them when the time is right.  If your garage is unheated and the thermometer dips to the single digits, digging through your summer sports equipment and outdoor cooking supplies to find the Christmas lights you tucked away (somewhere!) last January can be a cold and frustrating experience.

And every year you promise that you will be better organized next year…
Why not give yourself an early Christmas gift and have your garage fitted with custom shelving and cabinetry.  The Garage Store crew can come out and measure and evaluate your space, take a look at your storage needs, and come up with a plan that will accommodate whatever it is that you need to store – from bicycles and barbeque grills to your Christmas tree, ornaments and lights – and even that blow up snow globe your kids love so much!

The bonus to having your garage professionally outfitted with storage solutions is that after the Garage Store crew finishes, you will also be able to get your car into the garage. How nice will it be not to have to chip the ice and snow off your windshield before you go to work in January?

Call the Garage Store today to hear more about how you can enjoy your Holidays and all your days with an organized garage!