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Add More Space for the Holidays

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

The Holidays are a time for families and friends to gather.  Is your home one of the gathering places?  Or is it too cluttered and cramped for all of the people you would like to have over?

For many families, the basement area is a place to stash everything that doesn’t fit on the main floor of the home.  Worse yet, we usually just walk down the stairs and put the item anywhere we can find a blank space.  Having an organized basement with defined storage solutions like cabinetry and open shelves will not only help with clutter in the basement, but also with the upstairs clutter, as there will be more space downstairs – and items will be easier to find. Items that you were afraid to send to the dank basement can now find a home down there, freeing space in the upstairs living area. Also, the time saved by not having to pick through boxes and bags of “stuff” will be significant – time you can spend doing other things.

And once you have your storage needs met, The Garage Store can also install the decorative flooring system that will make your basement an even more useful extension of your home.  Imagine getting all of the “stuff” off the basement floor, having it coated with a beautiful epoxy finish, and actually being able to use it.  Even if the basement is not fully “finished,” the space might be perfect for teenagers to gather to listen to their music…or for Dad’s Poker Night while mom enjoys the peace and quiet in the upstairs living area. It might even make a better “crafting” space than the kitchen table, giving mom a better place to spread out – without worrying about cleaning up before dinner.

For even more ideas about how to improve your home with great storage ideas, call the Garage Store at (847) 428-8862