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Winter Has Taken Its Toll; Garage Store Can Help

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

It’s been a hard winter. Okay, that’s an understatement. For those of us in the Midwest, this last winter has seemed interminable. And having snow on the ground on April 15 makes tax day even harder to take.  But the main problem with our long, cold winter is the damage some of the areas around our homes have sustained.

The weather has played havoc with outdoor surfaces.  And while the potholes in area roads make driving a challenge, it is the broken concrete on our front stoops that is not only unsightly but downright dangerous.


Let Garage Store Replace Broken Concrete

The Garage Store can repair broken concrete porch, making it look better than it did originally. The Garage Store uses state of the art commercial grade UV stable concrete coating systems. These coatings are designed to handle even Chicago’s harsh, outdoor environment, and can be installed for less than the cost of tearing out and re-pouring concrete.

Cracks and Pits are No Problem for Garage Store’s Professionals


Now that the snow and ice have gone, it is time to check all of the outdoor spaces around your home, including your patio, driveway and sidewalks.  Is the concrete broken, cracked or pitted?  If so, your home is not making the best first impression on your visitors and may not be safe, but replacing these areas can be expensive and time-consuming.  The Garage Store can revitalize patios, driveways and sidewalks without the mess or time it would take to tear out the old.  The coatings will give the areas a beautiful, clean and classic look that will last for many years to come. The surfaces will be both safe and comfortable to walk on.

While it may be hard to believe, spring is here.  And the weather is sure to warm up soon. As you and your family spend more time outdoors, wouldn’t it be nice to have a comfortable, clean and fresh outdoor space?  Contact the Garage Store at (847) 428-8862 to hear about all of our products, including garage and basement storage solutions, as well as indoor and outdoor flooring systems.