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Protect Your Vehicle During the Next Hailstorm?

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Car in the garage

Walk down almost any street in the Chicago Suburbs and you will notice that while most houses have garages, there are a lot of cars parked in driveways and on the street.  Peek into those garages and you will see that many are stuffed to the gills with “stuff.”  Some homeowners have opted for a three-car garage option, hoping to find room for at least one of the family cars – often to no avail.

After dealing with scraping ice and snow off the cars in below zero weather, this spring brought hailstorms to many areas in Chicagoland.  Many automobiles that could have been safely parked in the garage were damaged by golf ball sized hail.  And while summer is just around the corner, it brings its own challenges.  Cars left in the sun are much hotter inside than those sheltered in a garage.  Car seats sitting in the sun can be extremely uncomfortable – especially if you are wearing shorts.

But where can you put all of the “stuff” that lives in the garage?  You can’t leave that on the driveway, can you?

The answer may be a combination of donating or discarding things you don’t need, and then installing a garage storage system to organize the rest.

Once you have decided on what absolutely has to be stored in the garage, The Garage Store can help. They will survey the space, allocating as much as possible to storage while considering how much room your vehicle or vehicles will need.  They will then assess your storage needs.  Will you need to hang bicycles? Store sports equipment? Corral gardening tools?  Or do you need a workbench or space for hobbies.  They will then suggest the right storage containers, which may include a combination of wall cabinets, rolling cabinets, a workbench, shelves and hooks.

Just think about how nice it would be to walk down your street to see the beauty of the homes instead of the vehicles cluttering the driveways and streets. And then think about how much easier your life will be when you can find things in your organized garage.

What’s Your Garage Passion?

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

garage organization

Over this long and extremely cold winter, most of us couldn’t wait to get indoors.  The ice and slush from our cars muddied our garage floors, and the clutter accumulated – almost from nowhere – sometimes making it impossible to even get the car into the garage.  And as the weather warms and our attention turns to outdoor activities, the clutter in the garage makes it hard to find the bicycles, sports and gardening equipment that we just know we put away last fall.

Having a clean and organized space makes our lives easier. Being able to quickly find what we are looking for gives us more time to do the things we enjoy doing.  But why stop there?  Why not let the Garage Store people help you realize your garage’s full potential.  We have everything you need to add usable space to your home – for work, play and even entertaining.  Starting with the garage floor, a decorative concrete coating system will instantly rejuvenate the space. You can follow up with cabinets, overhead storage racks; upgraded lighting and other features in order configure your space to fit your lifestyle.

What’s your Passion?

Turn your garage into a gardening center with specialty shelves for your pots, locked cabinets for your toxic weed and insect control products, potting benches, garden tool racks and even a boot rack to hold that muddy footwear.

Auto Repair.

The garage, after all, was invented to hold your car.  So what better place to house all of the automobile tools and equipment needed to keep your vehicles running smoothly?  If you have active young sports enthusiasts in hour home, you might want to turn your garage into a space that not only corrals their sports equipment, but turns the garage into a sports arena when you pull the car out.  This space can give active youngsters a place to “let loose” while your home stays quiet and clean. Add a wall-mounted TV and you may never see them!


If you love woodworking, crafting or any hobby that makes a mess and requires equipment, storing that equipment in your garage and adding the workspaces to complete your tasks will give you an easy-to-clean space with plenty of room for almost any task.

Hint!  If you want to extend the use of your garage into next winter, you might even think about a heater!