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Forget the Tie. Give Dad a Warm Car for Christmas

Friday, November 14th, 2014

Garage Organization

Can dad park his car in the garage?  Most homeowners – even those with 2- and 3-car garages are finding it hard to fit their cars into the garage.  Garages seem to have become on-site storage facilities and dumping grounds for things that have no permanent “home,” but which are still needed. Often these are things that don’t seem to belong anywhere else in the house – bicycles, basketballs, footballs and other outdoor “toys,” as well as garden equipment and even seasonal decorations. If dad enjoys working in a workshop, chances are his tools and “work bench” are taking up space in the garage. But can he get to the workbench?

Get More Space by Organizing

The good news is that there are storage systems available that can solve the garage storage problem.  By doing a little space planning, and using the right storage systems, almost any garage can be organized enough to leave space for the family automobile.  And this could be good news for dad (and even mom).

With winter quickly approaching, most dads would appreciate being able to walk out of the home, into an attached garage, and then driving off without having to brush, scrape and de-ice the car. Garage-kept cars actually stay newer longer when not routinely exposed to the elements. A bonus is that the car will warm up faster, making the drive to work more comfortable.

Another advantage to organizing a garage is that finding things will be easier. How much time is spent rummaging through the clutter to find the right tool … or the bicycle pump … or even the string of Christmas lights? What busy homeowner wouldn’t value the time saved by not having to go through piles of “stuff” to find what they are looking for.

So if you are looking for a gift that will please dad this Christmas, why not give Garage Store Illinois a call.  They have the storage solutions that will transform any garage into an organized and pleasant space. Visit their website or call today to hear about their seasonal specials, including their Garage Overhead Storage racks. (847) 428-8862.