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Are You Hoping to Find a New Car In Your Christmas Stocking?

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

Vehicle Lift in with two Camaros


Have you noticed that almost every other commercial on TV this season is about end-of-the-year deals on almost every make of automobile out there?  Are you hoping that “Santa” will be delivering one to your garage? But if you do get that automobile, where will you put it?  You probably will not want to leave it outside during our cold and snowy Chicago winter.  But what about that classic car you already have in your garage?  Or that convertible you drive in the summer?

If your garage floor space is limited, Look up!

We recently installed an 8,000 pound four-post lift in a garage in Woodstock, and can do the same for you.  The upper deck holds the classic Camaro, while the lower level houses the shiny new model.  If you have a 110v line and 10-foot ceilings, you  too can double your garage parking space. Four-post vehicle lifts are the perfect solution for increasing parking space.  They do not require any structural changes to your building and can be installed quickly and economically.

Do you do your own vehicle maintenance?

A portable vehicle lift also makes the perfect Christmas gift for the weekend mechanic.  The ability to reach the underside of your car without sliding in on your back can make maintenance easier and safer.  Four car stop plates allow you to secure vehicles from the front and rear, increasing your safety when working on the car.

Options include a heavy-duty jack tray that provides a platform for lifting vehicles off the runways for maintenance and drip trays that collect waste oil when working on the car (and will also protects any vehicle parked underneath).  The drive-on approach ramps have diamond plate design that makes getting vehicles onto the lift easy, including low profile vehicles.  Adding a polyurethane-coated caster kit will make moving the lift easier.

So whether you need the room for your favorite sports car or want to work on your car from below, the Garage Store lifts are a perfect solution.  Also check out our other garage organizing solutions, including tool storage, bike storage, car pads, and other garage accessories.  Call today to hear more about how we can make your Holidays brighter!  (847) 428-8862 or visit our showroom at 1082 Rock Road Lane, East Dundee, Illinois.