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Get Organized in 2015

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

Have you put away your Christmas Decorations? Do you know where you put the decorations for St. Patrick’s Day? Or Easter? Today, it is not uncommon for home owners to decorate the inside … and outside … of their homes with seasonal décor. Outdoor decorations brighten up the neighborhood. And homes that change décor during the year are more interesting and fun. However, all of that decorating comes at a cost. Where to store everything?

The Garage Store has many great storage ideas that fit busy lifestyles today. For example, think high. The space in a garage above the family’s cars is most often wasted. While you could add a few hooks, today there are innovative options that can give you more space … and more convenience than you have ever imagined.

For example, car buffs will be blown away by the possibility of adding a car lift to the garage. These fixtures are quickly installed, more economical than you might think, and can double the parking spaces in a garage. Getting one car off the floor gives home owners the ability to add a work bench, cabinetry and other features to the second half of a garage.

Vehicle Lift in with two Camaros

However, if you do not have an extra car or two to store, or want to keep all of the vehicles on the floor, how about adjustable overhead storage? Professionally installed overhead storage racks easily attach to the roof or ceiling of any garage. They hold up to 250 pounds. The stationary racks offer adjustable heights up to 46 inches from the ceiling and come in a variety of sizes. However, for more flexibility Garage Store offers storage racks that raise and lower, allowing you to load, store and lift heavy items to the ceiling without a ladder. These racks are fully adjustable and come in various sizes. And there are accessories that expand storage options.

Adjustable overhead storage
The Garage Store has many storage options available, allowing people to configure their garages, basements and other areas of their homes into convenient, organized and beautiful spaces. Stop by the showroom at 1082 Rock Lane, East Dundee, Illinois or check out the website at to start planning your next project. St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner!