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Dream Kitchen and Garage Store – The Perfect Match

Sunday, March 15th, 2015

Garage Store Floor

Dream Kitchen has come to Elgin, Illinois.  As their website states, “One of the biggest obstacles to starting a food business in Illinois is the high cost of setting up a commercial kitchen. Dream Kitchen was established to help overcome that obstacle.”  They offer a fully-equipped, commercially licensed shared kitchen, which allows budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to establish any food-based business they desire.

The kitchen facility in Elgin provides two baking stations four catering/cooking stations, two prep stations and FDA manufacturing/packaging facilities.

However, in order to make their kitchen both safe and compliant with food service regulations, they needed a healthy, durable and abrasion resistant floor.  They turned to Garage store to provide a safe, healthy, regulatory approved commercial grade flooring system that could meet the demanding needs of a very busy commercial kitchen, and Garage Store provided the exact flooring system needed.

Once installed, the flooring was not only beautiful, but functional.  Because the kitchen requires a healthy and safe environment for food preparation, the floor had to provide a barrier that resisted bacteria, dirt and mildew.  The floor also had to be non-slip and easy to clean.

When completed, the surface was not only attractive, but provided the low maintenance appreciated by all of the chefs.  Even the messiest spills can be cleaned quickly and easily. A quick rinse washes the mess away and restores the sparkling clean and hygienic surface.

Garage Store Illinois can meet even the most exacting specifications for both commercial and residential applications.  If you have a concrete floor – in a commercial building, garage or basement – why not call the folks at Garage Store Illinois to hear how they can give you the beautiful and functional space built to your exacting specifications – the floor you have only dreamed of?