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Father’s Day – Give the Gift of Time (Garage Organization)

Sunday, June 14th, 2015



Stan is a typical Chicago Suburban father. He lives in a nice house, drives a nice car and works very hard at his job. However, like a lot of other dads in the neighborhood, his garage is overflowing – and not with cars. In fact, he and his wife both park their cars in the driveway because they will not fit in the garage. It isn’t that there is a lot of trash or even unused things in the garage. Stan is not a hoarder. The contents of the garage are actually things that are often used, including bicycles, tricycles, toys, sports equipment, gardening things and tools. A few storage bins contain Christmas, Halloween, Easter and other holiday décor. And while both Stan and his wife try, the contents are usually placed haphazardly in the garage with no real organization.

When Stan’s wife and children told him he should take the day before Father’s day off and go golfing with his buddies, he was happy to do it. However, by the time he had pulled a lot stuff out of the away in search of his golf clubs, and then returned the same stuff to where it was, he had wasted over a half an hour – time he could have spent with his friends!

We all wish we had more time, and the truth is that many of us could have more time if we had better organized spaces. The Garage Store has storage solutions for every space — whether it is a rack to keep the golf clubs handy, or adjustable shelves that keep bins of holiday décor off the floor and out of the way.

After that Saturday, Stan’s wife and children decided that the best gift they could get Stan was the gift of time. They called the Garage Store and scheduled an evaluation in order to have the components they needed to organize their garage installed the Garage Store professionals. The good news is that after that, Stan and his wife will both be able to park their cars in the garage again!