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A Schaumburg Office Gets a Sidewalk Makeover

Monday, October 19th, 2015
Outdoor Epoxy Coating

Schaumburg Office Building – Before

While most people don’t think too much about the walkways leading to a building, the building’s overall design, curb appeal and even safety can be greatly diminished when the walkways leading to the building are not maintained.

A beautiful office building in Schaumburg was the perfect example.  The building, itself, was an architectural gem. The entrance was welcoming, the building materials were well chosen, and the expanse of windows, reflecting blue skies and lovely trees and bushes made the office welcoming and attractive. However, the expansive walkway leading to the building was a disaster.  The concrete pad was pitted, cracked and stained.  This greatly detracted from the curb appeal of the building.  The pits and cracks were also potentially tripping hazards – a very real liability risk. What should have been a welcoming feature became a detriment to its appeal.

While most people don’t think of adding epoxy flooring to outdoor spaces, the Garage Store’s commercial grade coatings offer superior concrete surface protection – making them impervious to wear and tear from  both foot and vehicle traffic.  The UV stable concrete coatings discourage fading.  The outdoor system is attractive and low maintenance. A quick rinse washes dirt and debris away, leaving a sparkling clean surface.  The coating is also slip-proof, making it a very safe alternative to pitted and cracked concrete.

Because there was no need to remove existing concrete, the Garage Store was able to install the commercial grade concrete coating over the Labor Day Weekend; there was no inconvenience or downtime for the tenants of the building.  On Tuesday morning, employees and visitors alike were welcomed to a building with a “new lease on life.”

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Garage Store Outdoor Epoxy Coating

Schaumburg Office – After