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Update Your Basement with a New Epoxy Flooring System

Monday, December 11th, 2017

The Basement Flooding Solution

basement floor

Pat loves her 100+ year-old Prairie Style home in River Forest.  However, she has always had a problem with water seeping (or pouring) into her basement during rainstorms.  While she has solved some of her problems with a back-up sump pump and a basement wall sealer, there are still times when water finds its way into her basement.

Because her one-story older home had only one very tiny bathroom, she recently decided to add a bathroom to the basement.  The result is a large, modern room with an easily accessible shower stall (missing from her main bathroom). However, to get to her bathroom, she had to traverse her dusty, cracked basement floor.

After a recent rainstorm, she again noticed a small amount of seepage, and because of the dusty floor, this small amount of water turned into a muddy mess. This made the floor difficult to clean – and made it less enjoyable to get to her new bathroom. Even when there was no water seepage, the concrete never looked “clean.”

Pat decided it was time to find a solution to her basement floor problem.

Garage Store offers epoxy concrete coating systems for basements. (These coatings are also great for garage floors, exterior areas and even commercial spaces.) Because the epoxy permanently bonds to the concrete flooring, the result is a flood-proof system.  Any water that does enter the basement can easily be pushed to the floor drain or mopped up with no muddy residue.  Moisture that can be emitted through “raw” concrete floors is eliminated, preventing mold and mildew problems.  Because Garage Store uses only commercial grade epoxy products, and employs top-notch installers, the floors have a 30+ year life expectancy.

Once Pat had the floor installed, she noticed less moisture in her basement and the unpleasant odor she had gotten used to was gone. She now enjoys going to her basement.  She looks forward showering in her new space, and doing her laundry on a beautiful floor.

She is considering adding cabinetry and other storage units from Garage Store, which will make her basement more functional and attractive – a place she will enjoy for years to come.

Don’t Wait for a Flood to Consider a Polymer Floor Coating

Thursday, July 13th, 2017


3 donovan

When Laura bought her home in Plainfield, Illinois, she was happy to have a finished basement.  It gave her teenage son the perfect place to hang out.  However, after only a couple of months, her sump pump failed during a rainstorm.  While the water did not reach the walls, the carpet was soaked, and had to be removed. She decided not to replace the carpet, but to call Garage Store and have a polymer floor installed. Two years later, after another water issue, she could not be happier with her decision.

Laura realized that even without a flood, her carpet could harbor mold, mildew and allergens that could pose a health risk to her son.  In fact, when she moved in, she did notice a “musty” smell in her basement.  Her dehumidifier seemed to be working overtime.

The decorative epoxy floor coating system she chose significantly reduced the humidity that had entered through her concrete floor, and often made the carpet feel damp. Today, after two years, the “musty” smell is completely gone. The floor is as beautiful as it was when it was installed.

The installation team from Garage Store came in, removed the remainder of glue and debris that had been left behind after the carpet was removed. They carefully prepared the floor to accept the epoxy coating. Because they professionally installed the coating, the floor can be expected to last over 30 years!  The cost was competitive with other flooring options, but when the longevity of this floor is considered, versus other options, including carpeting and tile, this is an extremely cost-effective option.

Laura has been pleasantly surprised about how easy the floor is to clean and maintain. The flooring keeps dust levels down. A damp mop is all that is needed to keep the floor clean and shiny.

The best news, however, is that her son, who suffers from allergies, can spend his time in the basement without any issues, keeping him both healthier and his mother happier.

While Laura is not happy that it took a flood for her to find the perfect basement flooring option, she is happy she called Garage Store.

If you are looking for a floor coating for your basement, garage, or even your patio or porch, call Garage Store to hear about their epoxy flooring systems at (847) 428-8862, or visit their website.

2017 Auto Show Flooring Specials

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

2.18 3

We have all heard about people who say, “The floor is so clean, you could eat off it.”  While no one really wants to eat off any floor, many companies need floors that will store food and food preparation equipment.  Floors in these facilities must meet local and federal health department inspections.  They need to have surfaces that meet FDA guidelines for food preparation. Having this type of floor is not just good for warehouses, but also for residential applications since, we all know that kids don’t always follow the “five-second” rule when it comes to eating food that has fallen on the floor!

Garage Store has options that can give any residential or commercial space a beautiful, functional and healthy floor system.


Whether you are showcasing automobiles machinery or almost anything, your showroom will be enhanced by a sparkling epoxy floor coating that will make whatever you are showing off stand out.  The advantages of this type of floor coating over concrete cannot be underestimated.  Anyone coming into the showroom will notice how much better the items look on a gleaming floor.


Garage Store began their company life as a garage accessory company. Their flooring systems, along with their many storage solutions, can turn even the dingiest, dirtiest garage into a place you will want to park your car – or store your stuff, or use as a shop space.  With a few appliances and heater, your garage can become a functional “room,” perfect for entertaining or just “kicking back.” No matter how you want to use your garage, Garage Store has options that will really make it a showstopper.


If you have ever lived through a flooded basement with soggy carpet, popped tiles or a filthy, cracked concrete floor, you will understand the value of an epoxy floor coating system that can withstand any flood. Once the water is mopped up, the floor will be as good as new, perfect for the children to ride their big wheels, roller skate, or just watch television.  The area can also be used for the kids to bring snacks – even if they don’t always follow the “five-second” rule for food that falls on the floor.

Commercial Spaces

Whether you are responsible for maintaining a shop floor, a high school locker room or any commercial space that has a dusty, cracked or pitted concrete floor, the value of an epoxy floor coating system cannot be overstated. Workers will enjoy working on a clean, non-skid floor, students will appreciate their environment and patrons of commercial spaces will be happy to see an attractive floor.  Maintenance people will be delighted with how easy these floors are to maintain.

Whatever your requirements, our concrete floor coatings will meet and exceed your needs.

Auto Show Specials 

Now is the right time to turn your dusty, dingy floors beautiful during our 2017 Auto Show Special offers. Even if you couldn’t visit our booth, you can still enjoy the savings.

Garage Store Flooring Specials


Garage Store – Not Just for Your Garage

Friday, January 20th, 2017


At Garage Store Illinois, our mission is to help people organize their space with quality products.  We design and install organization solutions and we provide concrete coating systems.

While our name is Garage Store, we go beyond just the garage.  Any area of your home, office or warehouse will benefit from being more organized.  Our epoxy coatings make concrete floors less dusty, healthier and much easier to clean.

In fact, your garage is just the beginning!

Classrooms/Instructional Centers


When you think about it, classrooms get a lot of abuse.  There are dozens of students coming through on a daily basis.  When you have a room that needs organizing, but also needs to hold up to a lot of wear and tear Gladiator GarageWorks storage solutions may be the perfect option.  This classroom has a combination of Wall Gear Boxes and Modular Gear Drawers with Modular Maple Tops.  This option doesn’t just provide adequate storage; it also provides a heavy-duty workspace.


Basement Flooring
7 donovan

A customer in Plainfield, IL had a massive flood in her basement.  The basement was carpeted and the flood destroyed the carpet and padding.  After having it removed she wanted a flooring solution that would be durable, yet attractive.  Using our Epoxy, Polyurea and Polyaspartic Concrete Coating System, we provided a flooring option that is attractive and easy to clean – a great alternative to bare concrete, tile, carpet or laminate. The best part is it won’t pop up, peel, or have to be removed if the basement floods in the future.


Office Area

Office Gladiator

Offices (either at home or off-site) are areas that need work spaces and good storage options.  Modular Gear Boxes with a Modular Maple top are a versatile and useful option for this home office that will last a lifetime.


Laundry Room

laundry room

Ask anyone who does the family’s laundry and they will tell you how important storage and a good workspace are for this usually neglected area.  Gladiator GarageWorks storage systems are versatile and functional, providing not only a place to fold laundry, but sturdy storage solutions that will make a trip to the laundry room a pleasure.




Creating a floor that will hold up to the elements – including motor oil, gasoline and winter salt – is what we do and it is a perfect solution for a garage. However, that same flooring system works for any outdoor concrete surface as well. Whether it is a patio, porch or driveway, our exterior coatings are a fantastic solution to cracked or pitted surfaces. The bonus is that our exterior concrete coatings will cost less than tearing out and re-pouring new concrete.


Look around your house, office, school or warehouse. Are there areas that could use more storage, a better workspace or alternative flooring?   If so, give Garage Store Illinois a call at (847) 428-8862



Three Myths About Garage Floor Coatings

Monday, November 14th, 2016


Professionally coated flooring systems are a great way to keep your home in tip-top shape.  Coating systems in a garage can turn a relatively unused area into another room in your house.

Even though the area is not used as frequently, garage floors tend to get the most benefit from a coating system.  Garage floors usually develop cracks and pitting after a few years due to settling and weather.  The porous nature of concrete harbors dirt, bacteria and encourages enduring stains from fluids and car debris.

These stains make the floor appear dingy and can be very difficult to clean.  A floor coating system protects the floors and makes them easy to clean. Floor coating systems are also low maintenance and require little upkeep.

There are many do-it-yourself products that claim to make the process as easy, durable and high-quality as having it done professionally.  We have tested and disproved many floor coating myths. Here are a few examples:


MYTH #1 – Floor Coating Systems are just “fancy” paint.

Generally speaking, epoxy is paint. In fact, the definition of paint is “a colored substance that is spread over a surface and dries to leave a thin decorative or protective coating.” The difference is that while epoxy may be classified as paint, not all paint is epoxy..

Epoxy is defined  as “very tough, very adhesive, and resistant to chemicals….used to make protective coatings and glues.”

The level of protection this coating provides far exceeds the paint purchased at a hardware store.


MYTH #2 – All garage floor coatings are the same.

All coating materials are not created equally.  Jim Melchert, founder of, explains, “epoxy, polyurea and polyaspartic are various coating systems that use various polymer resins and curing agents that are all packaged separately, but then are mixed, just prior to use. However, when mixed and cured, the coating system becomes a solid polymer system that offers characteristics such as superior adhesion, hardness, UV stability and chemical resistance. These characteristics are dependent on the type of resins, curing agents, solvents and fillers used. The quality, cost, and durability of the coating system is related to the purpose. Be sure to consult a certified installer and review product specifications to ensure the correct product is used for your purpose.”


MYTH #3 – A quick sweep and clean of the floor and it’s ready to be coated.

If you want your flooring to bond and make sure it seals and coats properly just a quick clean is not enough.  If the floor is not prepped correctly, it will not result in a beautifully coated floor.

The concrete must be resurfaced with a diamond grinder or short blaster to remove imperfections in the surface as well as debris.  The cracks/pits are then repaired.  After the prep work is done the coating can be completed.

As you can see, a applying a coating system is so much more than just painting on some epoxy and calling it a day.  Services provided by a professional usually go beyond what the typical DIY kit can provide.  So, if you want it done right and you want a beautiful garage floor call a professional.  Check out our Flooring Page to see how quickly and conveniently we can transform any floor – inside or out.

Is Your Garage Floor a Health Hazard?

Thursday, April 14th, 2016

Danger. Slippery Floor
The mission of the National Floor Safety Institute is to aid in the prevention of slips, trips and falls. Their research shows that 55% of all slip and fall accidents are caused by hazardous walking surfaces.

The CDC adds statistics on adverse effects of slips and falls:

• One out of five falls causes a serious injury such as broken bones or a head injury.
• Each year, 2.5 million older people are treated in emergency departments for fall injuries.
• Falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries
• Adjusted for inflation, the direct medical costs for fall injuries are $34 billion annually. Hospital costs account for two-thirds of the total.
(See the full report here.)

Garage Floors are Common Culprits

Have you ever been in a hurry to get inside your garage during a rainstorm? If so, you may have experience a slip, as your wet shoes hit your slick garage floor. Garage floors are notoriously slippery. When water drains off a wet car in a rainstorm, the floor can be a major hazard. Cracked and uneven surfaces in an older garage are also sources of danger. Even on a sunny day, it is easy to slip when oil and grease cause the floor to become slick.

Basements are not immune

Basement floors can also be a source of danger. Condensation in the summer can cause the floor to become slippery. Even a dry basement floor can be slick. If there are imperfections or cracks, the hazards are even greater. Have you ever walked to the basement with a few boxes in your arms, only to trip on an uneven floor?
Garage-Store Can Solve the Slippery Floor Problem
A slip and fall in the garage or basement can cost thousands of dollars, not to mention the pain and suffering that may ensue. Garage Store can add various textured surfaces and ant-slip media options embedded into the topcoat of their epoxy finish for maximum surface grip performance.

Other Health Benefits

While slips and falls are one source of danger, bare concrete is a porous surface that harbors dirt, mold, mildew, harmful bacteria, and other hard to clean material. The coatings offered by Garage Store provide a barrier that resists bacteria and makes for quick and easy clean up to keep your space healthy and clean.
If the health and safety of your family is important, why not give Garage-Store a call. They have the right surface options for any indoor or outdoor space(847) 428-8862

If You Have a Basement, You Need Garage Store

Friday, January 22nd, 2016

Guest Post by Laura D., Plainfield, IL

When I moved into my new home in Plainfield, IL, I was delighted to have a full finished basement, but was a little nervous about the wall-to-wall carpeting.  It was beautiful, but I remembered the mess my parents had when the power failed, the sump pump stopped working, and their finished basement flooded.  The tile they had recently installed popped up, and the area rugs were a soggy mess.

damaged basement floorOne of my first priorities was to have a new sump pump installed. However, after the first hard rain, I was taken by surprise when I found several inches of water in the basement.  The technician had not installed the pump correctly and water flooded in.

After hours spent throwing out toys and furniture, and pulling up wet carpet, I was left with a pitted concrete floor and trails of glue with leftover carpeting stuck to them.  The basement also had a foul odor. I was worried about mold and mildew. The basement that was one of my son’s favorite hang outs was now unusable.

I had to decide what to do with the floor. Carpeting was out of the question.  Remembering my parents’ popped tiles, I also eliminated tile as an option. My mother suggested that I call Garage Store in East Dundee for an estimate.

I talked to the owner, who told me that their epoxy decorative concrete coating systems are a great option for basement floors.  The coating   permanently bonds to the concrete floor.  It is not only waterproof, but reduces moisture, mold and mildew that can be a problem for untreated concrete floors.

The cost was quite reasonable – less than carpeting – and with a 30+ year life expectancy, less than almost any other option.

When I called Garage Store, they were able to schedule a convenient time. On the promised day, the technicians came. They were professional and friendly. They put paper runners down from the front door to the basement, and used their own generator. They began by removing the carpet tack strip and glue residue. They then sanded the floor to get it smooth and remove all foreign material. They used a dust collector so my house stayed dust-free. The next day, they worked their magic, and the floor was finished.

Basement Floor - After

My basement is now a beautiful and functional space. Even before the flood, I thought my basement had a funky odor.  It now has no odor at all.  The floor is clean and shiny and unbelievably easy to maintain – I even got rid of my clunky old vacuum cleaner.


Garaage Store truck

Thanks, Garage Store!

Decorative Epoxy Coatings Can Save Basements

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

Garage-store epoxy floor coveringAs three friends had breakfast on a recent Sunday morning, the conversation turned to basement floors.  While this was not a normal topic, one of the friends had recently purchased a home with a basement finished with top-of-the-line wall-to-wall carpeting.  When she moved in, she realized that while there was an electric sump pump, there was no backup in case of a power failure. Before she could have a backup pump installed, the worst happened – a power failure and a flooded basement.  She not only lost all of her carpeting, but had to pay to have it removed.  While the walls survived, the basement floor was a total mess.

She mentioned that she was thinking of having tile installed instead of carpet.  Her friend, Pat, shook her head.  “I had tile in my basement when it flooded.  The tiles started popping up almost immediately.”  What a mess!

Anyone who lives in the Chicago area understands the very real threat of flooded basements.

The third friend had an answer: an epoxy decorative concrete coating system.  She told her friends that the Garage Store in East Dundee installed these floors throughout the Chicago suburbs, and that they solved many of the problems with basement floors.

Besides flooding, concrete floors are prone dusty and prone to mold and mildew – a problem that exists even when the floor is covered with carpeting. Both friends mentioned a “musty” smell in their basements even with carpet and tile.

For many homeowners, finished basements are an economical alternative to home additions, and can provide a lot of usable space for children to play, for a workroom for dad or even a home gym – away from the main living area.  However, the below-grade space presents its own set of problems.  In fact, a basement floor makes up over 40% of surface space that generates moisture.  Floor coverings such as carpet, vinyl or laminate can harbor mold, mildew and other allergens.

The Garage store concrete coating systems significantly reduce humidity, mold and mildew, while transforming any basement into an attractive and functional living space.  These systems permanently bond to concrete, creating a flood-proof floor.  They are extremely easy to clean and maintain and significantly reduce the moisture emitted through a concrete floor.

After breakfast that day, all three friends were convinced that while flooding may be a fact of life in Northern Illinois, having an epoxy concrete system might be the best way to mitigate any damage, while still enjoying the extra space their basements provide.

Unexpected Benefit of a Garage Makeover: Better Health

Monday, July 20th, 2015

Photo by: Mark Welsh | Daily Herald Staff Photographer


When a local Arlington Heights couple won the Daily Herald’s “Garage Makeover Contest,” The Garage Store of East Dundee not only organized the space, but repaired the cracking concrete floor and added a polymer coating. This not only improved the look of the space, but could save their son’s life.

The polymer coating the Garage Store installs for their residential customers uses the same materials and technology they use for clean rooms, restaurants, food storage facilities and other commercial applications.  This type of floor is not only easy to care for (dirt that comes in on automobiles can be quickly hosed off) but also vastly improves air quality.  This was extremely important to the winning family, as their son suffers from three immune deficiency diseases.  Tracking dirt, dust and road salt into their home could lead to a life-threatening event.

However, adding a polymer floor is not only for people with serious immune disorders, but for anyone who wishes to keep their garage healthier and cleaner.  And for people suffering from asthma and allergies, having a healthy, germ-free environment has become more than a convenience.

Concrete floors are porous and can harbor bacteria and dirt. As water and other liquids seep into the concrete, it can break apart, releasing dust particles in the air.  When adding a polymer floor, the dirt and debris are removed, crumbling concrete and cracks are repaired, and the floor is sealed with a non-porous coating that is easy to clean and maintain.

This flooring is not only for garages. Basement floors also harbor dust and dirt.  Encapsulating the dusty concrete with a healthy polymer coating can not only improve the air quality throughout the entire home, but also keep dust to a minimum, making the entire home more pleasant and easier to keep clean.

The Garage Store can install a healthy, durable and abrasion resistant floor to almost any area – residential or commercial. The floor can also incorporate various textured and anti-slip surfaces, further enhancing the beauty and safety of the area.  Call today to hear more (847) 428-8862.


Add More Space for the Holidays

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

The Holidays are a time for families and friends to gather.  Is your home one of the gathering places?  Or is it too cluttered and cramped for all of the people you would like to have over?

For many families, the basement area is a place to stash everything that doesn’t fit on the main floor of the home.  Worse yet, we usually just walk down the stairs and put the item anywhere we can find a blank space.  Having an organized basement with defined storage solutions like cabinetry and open shelves will not only help with clutter in the basement, but also with the upstairs clutter, as there will be more space downstairs – and items will be easier to find. Items that you were afraid to send to the dank basement can now find a home down there, freeing space in the upstairs living area. Also, the time saved by not having to pick through boxes and bags of “stuff” will be significant – time you can spend doing other things.

And once you have your storage needs met, The Garage Store can also install the decorative flooring system that will make your basement an even more useful extension of your home.  Imagine getting all of the “stuff” off the basement floor, having it coated with a beautiful epoxy finish, and actually being able to use it.  Even if the basement is not fully “finished,” the space might be perfect for teenagers to gather to listen to their music…or for Dad’s Poker Night while mom enjoys the peace and quiet in the upstairs living area. It might even make a better “crafting” space than the kitchen table, giving mom a better place to spread out – without worrying about cleaning up before dinner.

For even more ideas about how to improve your home with great storage ideas, call the Garage Store at (847) 428-8862