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Meet us at the Chicago Auto Show in February

Thursday, January 11th, 2018

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If you love cars, you might want to mark your calendars for the 110th edition of the Chicago Auto Show.  The show, which will be held this year from February 10-19, will encompass over 1 million square feet. It is the largest show of its kind in North America and has been held more times than any other auto exposition on the continent. This year’s show will feature indoor and outdoor test tracks as well as many interactive exhibits. The show allows auto makers to “strut their stuff” — from introducing new family sedans and SUV’s to showcasing concept, luxury and even “super cars.”

The show’s South Hall also offers a large area for vendors and exhibitors offering a staggering array of vehicle-related products and services.

We would like to invite you to visit to the Garage Store Booth while you are there. We offer many ideas to organize and beautify your garage, especially if you plan to park your new auto there.  However, any vehicle will look better in a bright and organized garage.  You might start with a concrete coating for the garage floor.  Our epoxy system transforms a dingy concrete floor into a durable, easy-to-clean surface that will add beauty, function and value to any garage.


Garage Store Garage Flooring

You might then want to consider adding lighting, cabinetry, shelving and other storage components. Garage Store has the perfect overhead storage systems, tool cabinets, lockers, shelves and specialty storage products that will keep your garage organized with plenty of room for your tools, toys and other “stuff,” while keeping the floor open for parking your car.   We also have sinks, refrigerators and other appliances that can turn your garage into a party “room.”

Finally, check out our vehicle lifts, which will allow you a safe and out-of-the-way place to park your new “super car.”

Super Car Storage


So please mark your calendars for your February outing to the 110th Chicago Auto Show at McCormick Place.  Keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ updates for information on our location at the Show and plan a visit to our booth – we would love to meet you.

2017 Auto Show Flooring Specials

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

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We have all heard about people who say, “The floor is so clean, you could eat off it.”  While no one really wants to eat off any floor, many companies need floors that will store food and food preparation equipment.  Floors in these facilities must meet local and federal health department inspections.  They need to have surfaces that meet FDA guidelines for food preparation. Having this type of floor is not just good for warehouses, but also for residential applications since, we all know that kids don’t always follow the “five-second” rule when it comes to eating food that has fallen on the floor!

Garage Store has options that can give any residential or commercial space a beautiful, functional and healthy floor system.


Whether you are showcasing automobiles machinery or almost anything, your showroom will be enhanced by a sparkling epoxy floor coating that will make whatever you are showing off stand out.  The advantages of this type of floor coating over concrete cannot be underestimated.  Anyone coming into the showroom will notice how much better the items look on a gleaming floor.


Garage Store began their company life as a garage accessory company. Their flooring systems, along with their many storage solutions, can turn even the dingiest, dirtiest garage into a place you will want to park your car – or store your stuff, or use as a shop space.  With a few appliances and heater, your garage can become a functional “room,” perfect for entertaining or just “kicking back.” No matter how you want to use your garage, Garage Store has options that will really make it a showstopper.


If you have ever lived through a flooded basement with soggy carpet, popped tiles or a filthy, cracked concrete floor, you will understand the value of an epoxy floor coating system that can withstand any flood. Once the water is mopped up, the floor will be as good as new, perfect for the children to ride their big wheels, roller skate, or just watch television.  The area can also be used for the kids to bring snacks – even if they don’t always follow the “five-second” rule for food that falls on the floor.

Commercial Spaces

Whether you are responsible for maintaining a shop floor, a high school locker room or any commercial space that has a dusty, cracked or pitted concrete floor, the value of an epoxy floor coating system cannot be overstated. Workers will enjoy working on a clean, non-skid floor, students will appreciate their environment and patrons of commercial spaces will be happy to see an attractive floor.  Maintenance people will be delighted with how easy these floors are to maintain.

Whatever your requirements, our concrete floor coatings will meet and exceed your needs.

Auto Show Specials 

Now is the right time to turn your dusty, dingy floors beautiful during our 2017 Auto Show Special offers. Even if you couldn’t visit our booth, you can still enjoy the savings.

Garage Store Flooring Specials


2016 Great Garage Makeover

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Garage Store Makeover

Enter to Win a $5000 Garage Makeover

The Daily Herald and Garage Store are once again offering a Garage Makeover to a lucky Chicago area homeowner.  The garage makeover is valued at $5,000. Two runners up will receive 4’x8’ overhead storage racks, valued at $450.00. The prizes include design and installation by Garage Store.

Garage Store owner, Jim Melchert, is delighted to showcase his work for the third annual Garage Store Makeover.  He will resurface the garage floor and add a decorative coating to make it look attractive. The coating is waterproof and amazingly easy to clean, eliminating the dust and dampness that can plague the garage.  The wall and cabinet system, along with the overhead storage racks will be designed specifically to keep the homeowners’ gardening, sports equipment, tools and other items neatly organized, freeing space for parking the car!

Enter Now!!!

The contest ends on March 13, 2016.

Enter the Great Garage Makeover


View the slideshow showing the Before and After Photos of last year’s winners

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Get our Auto Show Special Coupons!

2016 Chicago Auto Show Garage Makeover Contest

Friday, February 12th, 2016





Get your garage space organized!  Make it another room of the house with help from us.

Enter to win a Garage Makeover – February 13, 2016 to March 13, 2016

Register only through the link above and tell us how a Garage Makeover would change your life.


  • Flooring System
  • Wall & Cabinet System
  • Overhead Storage
  • $5,000 Value



  • 4’ x 8 ‘ Overhead Storage Rack
  • $450 Value

Prizes include design and installation by Garage Store.





Visit Garage Store Illinois at the Auto Show!

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

Garage Store at the Auto Show

Garage Store Illinois will be participating in the 107th edition of The Chicago Auto Show. The show, which runs from February 14 through February 22, 2015, will once again be held at McCormick Place, 2301 South Lake Shore Drive, Chicago. This is the largest auto show in North America and will once again host an amazing showcase of “all things auto.”  For more information on ticket sales, a list of special events, including Family Day on February 16 (Presidents Day) and Women’s Day on February 17, a map to McCormick Place and a floor plan showing where to find the exhibitors, see the Auto Show website at:

Check out the Garage Store Booth at the Auto Show

Once you have decided on your perfect automobile, you will probably want to put it in a garage that will do it justice. The Garage Store booth will show you how to trick out your garage to house your new auto. There are so many accessories available to make your garage a standout in your neighborhood – whether you just want to organize your space better or completely transform it.

Enter to Win a Garage Makeover!

Once you have seen what the Garage Store can do for your garage, be sure to enter to win a garage makeover. For the third year, Garage Store and the Daily Herald are sponsoring the “Great Garage Giveaway.” How would a garage makeover change your life? Register online and tell us your story!  You might win the Grand Prize: a complete garage makeover, including a flooring system, wall and cabinet system and overhead storage.  The prize includes design and installation by the Garage Store.  Two runners up will each receive a 4’x8’ overhead storage rack, valued at $450.00. Entries must be received between February 15 and March 15, 2015.

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Like our Facebook Page for more information on the Garage Makeover contest and for a very special online coupon for 4X8 SafeRacks. These racks boast industrial steel construction with a ridged design for maximum load. They are the highest capacity racks available. Installation by certified professionals is included. Take back your Garage for your car!

Please visit our booth at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show! 

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