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Resolve to Take Back Your Garage in 2017

Monday, December 19th, 2016

Garage Organization and Storage and Flooring

There are only a few days of 2016 left before we welcome in another new year.  With 2017 just around the corner and everyone making their New Year’s Resolutions it may be time to finally commit to getting that garage in order.

At Garage Store we can handle the job and get your stuff in order, get your area clean and usable, and protect your vehicle from the weather. We have many options. Select the right ones and you may be surprised at how spacious, functional and beautiful it can be.


Garage Store is the Chicagoland leader in the floor coating industry.  Our systems provide a high quality, stain-resistant surface that is easy to clean.  The floor coating covers up the porous concrete, making the floor resistant to dirt, bacteria and stains.  Coating your garage floor with our system will provide you superior surface protection that will last a lifetime.

Organization Systems

Get your things organized and out of sight with our wall and floor cabinet solutions.  Based on your space and what you need to store, we can design a system that will work for you.  Our professional installation service and products are unmatched by others on the market and is guaranteed. You are never left with a product that does not meet your standards. Get organized and stay organized with our durable systems.  Our products are designed to withstand the test of time and any harsh environment and temperature extremes.

Overhead Storage

If your garage is on the smaller side, overhead storage may be the best solution.  We have both stationary and adjustable racks that hang from the ceiling, giving you the floor space you need while keeping your things organized and stored away. They stay readily available when you need them.   Our shelves can be adjusted to any height and size.

Garage Accessories

For those who use their garage as a workspace, entertaining space, or for any purpose besides parking your car, we offer a huge selection of accessories that will make anything you do in your garage more functional and enjoyable.

From refrigerators, freezers, lighting solutions, tool storage and more, we have just about anything you can think of or want to make your space great.  Check out our online photo gallery and our catalog for more information and ideas, we provide free estimates and we are certain we can help you make your garage great.

For more ideas, please enjoy our slideshow:

Garage Store Illinois 2016 from The Word Pro


A Multipurpose Garage Makeover

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016



Each year Garage Store and the Daily Herald sponsor a garage makeover contest. And each year Jim Melchert, owner of Garage Store, focuses on ways a garage can improve the lives of homeowners. Two years ago, Jim focused on how a garage could become more organized and functional. Last year, he focused on the health benefits a dust-free garage can have on a child with respiratory problems.

This year, the challenge was to show how a garage could be used as another room of the house. The contest winner, a retired police officer with four adult children and six grandchildren, was looking for ways to make his garage a more inviting space to entertain family and friends.

The main issue was the garage floor with several large cracks and a lot of pitting from years of road salt. The homeowner had always wanted to have an epoxy floor in the garage, but saw the poor results his friends had when they did it themselves. While watching Jim’s crew professionally install the commercial grade floor coating, he realized that this was not a simple DIY project. He admits to being very impressed with the talent and skill of the crew, and even more impressed with the end result.

The $5,000 makeover also included two wall storage units, two tall cabinets and two workbenches with cabinets below.

When the project was complete, the homeowner and his wife agreed that Jim had more than accomplished his mission. The garage is now not only a place for the homeowners to entertain family and friends, but also a workshop and vehicle repair shop, as well as a well-organized storage area. It will also be a “man cave” and escape zone.

He even has a place to park his vehicles!
When explaining how he felt when he got the news that he had won the makeover, he said, “Oh my God, it was like my birthday, Christmas and Father’s Day rolled into one! I was in heaven. It was amazing. I feel so fortunate.”

See the full story of this amazing makeover in the August 14 edition of the Daily Herald.

Before makeover

Garage Makeover Winner – Before


Garage Store Makeover – After

It’s Father’s Day – What’s in Your Garage?

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

applianceIf, like most of us, you can’t afford to put a shiny new car in your father’s garage, the next best thing might be to organize the garage to accommodate the vehicle he already has.

But even more than a place to park the car, carefully outfitted garages can act as a second room in the house.  Whether dad likes to work on his car, do some carpentry or just needs a place to keep his golf clubs, basketballs, etc. Garage Store has the storage and organization accessories that can make the garage a place that dad, and the rest of the family, will enjoy.

A great garage might start with an epoxy floor system that is not only beautiful, but so easy to clean that dad will wonder why he waited so long to have it installed.  If the epoxy floor is not in the budget, a CarPad industrial vinyl garage floor cover might be the answer. It protects floors from mud, water, snow, salt, oils and solvents – the perfect place to park the car.

Garage Lighting

Any garage will be a more pleasant and useful space with great lighting.  A great solution is the zero degree start cold weather ballast lighting fixture.  It is the perfect solution for any garage. Featuring instant-on, quiet operation, it will work in spaces that get down to 0 degrees F – a perfect solution to lighting garages in our cold Chicago winters.  The fixture is ceiling mounted and can not only be used in garages, but also porches, basements and other areas of the home.  Garage store has lighting options that will fit in almost any space.

Gladiator Garage appliances are the perfect answer to long-term food storage because they are designed specifically for the garage. That means that they are built to operate in the hottest (and coldest) conditions.  These appliances will help alleviate overcrowding of kitchen appliances. Even better, a garage refrigerator will provide dad with a cold drink without having him track through the house when he is in the midst of a project.

Garage Store can help make every area of your home more functional and more beautiful.  Why not stop by to see how they can help make Father’s Day truly special for dad – even if you can’t give him a new car.

The Psychological Impact of a Cluttered Home – Garage Store Can Help

Monday, December 14th, 2015

Organization System



Believe it or not, clutter is a contributing factor to stress.  During the Holiday Season, having a cluttered home, basement or garage can magnify an already stressful time.

The anxious feelings only increase when family and friends stop by. Clutter diverts attention from our otherwise beautiful (and often beautifully decorated) homes.  Once the Holiday gifts are opened, there is the added challenge of finding places to put all of our new “toys.”  And how about finding a place to store the enormous blow-up Santa that you bought on sale this year?

Clutter is not only frustrating, but it can be expensive. When we can’t locate things quickly, we waste time looking.  It may even seem easier to make a quick trip the store to purchase an item that we know exists somewhere in our home. This may trigger feelings of guilt, “I know I need to get organized.”

Here are a few tips to help de-clutter your lives:

  1. Make it fun. Turn on some upbeat music and work as a family one room at a time. Make each person responsible for one part of the room.  Even small children can help if given a little guidance.
  2. Make a plan.  Create designated spaces and put frequently used items in accessible areas near where they will be used. (Make sure you have the right storage solutions for all of your things.)
  3. Store seldom used and out-of-season items out of your way.  Storing on high shelves in the closet, garage or basement will open more space for items you routinely use.
  4. Use closed cabinets, drawers and bins to store things.  Open shelving that is not organized can look and feel messy and disorganized.
  5. If you don’t use it, don’t need it or don’t want it, donate it, recycle it or throw it away.
  6. Label boxes and even cabinets with the contents … and a date.  If you haven’t opened a box in over a year, you can reassess to see if you can discard it.
  7. Finally, when you take something out of its designated area, put it back when you have finished with it.  This sounds easy, but with the many distractions we face in our busy lives, it can be difficult.

Once you have decided to organize your life, check out the many storage options offered by The Garage Store. Because having and using the right organization and storage solutions is a key to an uncluttered and less stressful life, adding more joy to this Holiday Season and beyond.  Call us today to hear more.  (847) 428-8862.

Happy Holidays from The Garage-Store!

Finding the Perfect Christmas Gift at the Garage Store

Saturday, November 14th, 2015


Why fight the crowds at the mall to find yet another Christmas tie for dad?  Or page through endless catalogs to find something unique for any family member?

The Garage Store in East Dundee, Illinois literally has something for everyone.

College Sports PrimeTime LockersDoes your son have a favorite college sports team?  Chances are that his team is represented by one of the Prime Time Lockers from Gladiator. While these sleek lockers are at home in the garage or basement, they are also right at home in a sports themed bedroom.

Is dad always looking for a place to put his golf clubs?  A golf caddy that hangs on the wall will allow the golf bag to stay off the floor and out of the way, easily accessible when spring comes.

golfclubsMom will appreciate being able to park in a warm garage on cold winter’s days if the bicycles and summer toys are out of the way. She might also enjoy having wall or ceiling mounted shelving, not only for the Christmas décor, but also for other seasonal decorations that seem to multiply every year.

The kids will be happy to help keep their toys and sports paraphernalia organized and easy to find, especially when there are cabinets, shelves, hooks and hangers available for them.  It will be nice not having to chase the basketballs, soccer balls and baseballs around the floor.  A mesh basket will hold all of them – clean, easy to find and ready to go.

A garden tool organization system will not only keep the rakes, shovels and other gardening equipment out of the way during the winter, but will also hold the snow shovel  – readily available for the next snow storm.

Adding a CarPad industrial vinyl garage floor cover will protect the garage floor from snow, salt and grime – mom will definitely be happy to stop the family from tracking a mess into her clean house.

Why not take your Christmas list to the Garage Store to see the full line of garage accessories, including tool storage, lighting, vehicle lifts, cleaning products and more.  Having a beautifully organized and clean garage may be the perfect Christmas gift for the whole family.

The Garage Store is located at 1082 Rock Road Lane, East Dundee, Illinois. Cal us at (847) 428-8862 or visit our website at



Show Your Loyalty to Your Favorite College Team … and Organize your Garage

Monday, September 14th, 2015

College Lockers by Gladiator Garage WorksIt’s autumn!  And our thoughts turn to a new school year, cooler nights, crisp days …. And College Football!

Also, many of us are starting to consider how to organize all of the “stuff” that has accumulated in our garages over the summer – bicycles, toys, golf clubs, gardening equipment, etc.   We know that if we don’t make room for our vehicles before the snow flies, we will have an even greater task getting out of our driveways.  Snow plowing is much easier when there are no cars in the way, and our drive to work will be a lot more pleasant – and safer – without having to worry about ice and snow limiting our view from the windshield and other windows in the car, or having to think about whether our headlights and brake lights are shining as brightly as they should.

The Garage-Store has an answer, not only about how to organize your garage so your vehicles will fit, but also how to show your loyalty to your favorite college team! With 24 teams already represented, (including Ohio State, University of Michigan and University of Wisconsin)  chances are that you will find a locker to please every fan in your home.

Sports fans want to show off their team pride. Many already display team memorabilia in somewhere in their homes. These cabinets offer not only a way to show team spirit, but also provide the opportunity to store their sports and other equipment.

These six-foot-high welded steel storage lockers, manufactured by Gladiator Garage Works are the perfect place to stash almost anything, freeing garage space for the family car or SUV.  When these specialty cabinets are added to the many other available storage options – including bicycle storage solutions, shelving units, overhead storage shelves and a wide variety of systems with hooks, shelving and cabinetry – any garage can be customized for almost any need.

So why not show your team spirit AND organize your garage. Call The Garage Store at (847) 428-8862 to hear more about these and other options to make your living space as beautiful and organized as possible.

Father’s Day – Give the Gift of Time (Garage Organization)

Sunday, June 14th, 2015



Stan is a typical Chicago Suburban father. He lives in a nice house, drives a nice car and works very hard at his job. However, like a lot of other dads in the neighborhood, his garage is overflowing – and not with cars. In fact, he and his wife both park their cars in the driveway because they will not fit in the garage. It isn’t that there is a lot of trash or even unused things in the garage. Stan is not a hoarder. The contents of the garage are actually things that are often used, including bicycles, tricycles, toys, sports equipment, gardening things and tools. A few storage bins contain Christmas, Halloween, Easter and other holiday décor. And while both Stan and his wife try, the contents are usually placed haphazardly in the garage with no real organization.

When Stan’s wife and children told him he should take the day before Father’s day off and go golfing with his buddies, he was happy to do it. However, by the time he had pulled a lot stuff out of the away in search of his golf clubs, and then returned the same stuff to where it was, he had wasted over a half an hour – time he could have spent with his friends!

We all wish we had more time, and the truth is that many of us could have more time if we had better organized spaces. The Garage Store has storage solutions for every space — whether it is a rack to keep the golf clubs handy, or adjustable shelves that keep bins of holiday décor off the floor and out of the way.

After that Saturday, Stan’s wife and children decided that the best gift they could get Stan was the gift of time. They called the Garage Store and scheduled an evaluation in order to have the components they needed to organize their garage installed the Garage Store professionals. The good news is that after that, Stan and his wife will both be able to park their cars in the garage again!

The weather is warming up – Time to Open the Garage

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015
Elephant on Gladiator Tool Chest

From the Gladiator Website

As the days warm up and get longer, many of us begin to think about starting the projects we may have been putting off all winter.  Having a clean and organized garage with the right storage units can make almost any “to do” or “honey do” list easier and more enjoyable.

The Garage Store of Illinois is proud to carry Gladiator Brand storage units

Gladiator is a premier manufacturer of garage storage products and boasts some of the industry’s most rigorous testing requirements. This ensures unsurpassed performance.  Gladiator is serious about product quality and Garage Store is serious about helping customers pick the right units for their needs.

For example, the Gladiator Gear Chest is the perfect accessory for weekend handymen.  This chest will keep tools organized, easy to access and in tip-top condition. The 18” depth gives 15% more capacity than traditional tool chests. The mobile unit can be used as part of the workbench or used as the base of a tool drawer.  The chest top has gas struts, which allow for complete and smooth opening – a great place to store large, flat items like rulers, angles and levels, or smaller items like pencils, paper and sandpaper.  The drawers in the chest are equipped with full-extension hardware, which gives complete access to the entire contents of the drawers. The unit has four 2” tall half-width drawers, perfect for hammers, screw drivers, socket sets and fasteners. The deeper full-width drawers are large enough to house power tools, like cordless drills and accessories. The steel ball bearing slides make it smooth and easy to open and close the drawers while the friction catches prevent the drawers from opening unexpectedly.  The drawers are padded to help tools stay put, avoiding movement and damage.  The rubber “feet” enable the units to be safely stacked.

The Garage Store carries a full line of products that will get you organized and ready for whatever is on your “to do” or “honey-do” lists.  Call them today to hear more. (847) 428-8862.


Forget the Tie. Give Dad a Warm Car for Christmas

Friday, November 14th, 2014

Garage Organization

Can dad park his car in the garage?  Most homeowners – even those with 2- and 3-car garages are finding it hard to fit their cars into the garage.  Garages seem to have become on-site storage facilities and dumping grounds for things that have no permanent “home,” but which are still needed. Often these are things that don’t seem to belong anywhere else in the house – bicycles, basketballs, footballs and other outdoor “toys,” as well as garden equipment and even seasonal decorations. If dad enjoys working in a workshop, chances are his tools and “work bench” are taking up space in the garage. But can he get to the workbench?

Get More Space by Organizing

The good news is that there are storage systems available that can solve the garage storage problem.  By doing a little space planning, and using the right storage systems, almost any garage can be organized enough to leave space for the family automobile.  And this could be good news for dad (and even mom).

With winter quickly approaching, most dads would appreciate being able to walk out of the home, into an attached garage, and then driving off without having to brush, scrape and de-ice the car. Garage-kept cars actually stay newer longer when not routinely exposed to the elements. A bonus is that the car will warm up faster, making the drive to work more comfortable.

Another advantage to organizing a garage is that finding things will be easier. How much time is spent rummaging through the clutter to find the right tool … or the bicycle pump … or even the string of Christmas lights? What busy homeowner wouldn’t value the time saved by not having to go through piles of “stuff” to find what they are looking for.

So if you are looking for a gift that will please dad this Christmas, why not give Garage Store Illinois a call.  They have the storage solutions that will transform any garage into an organized and pleasant space. Visit their website or call today to hear about their seasonal specials, including their Garage Overhead Storage racks. (847) 428-8862.

College Sports Team Lockers Now Available For Your Garage

Thursday, October 16th, 2014
Gladiator PrimeTime Team Lockers

Michigan State Coach Tom Izzo launches PrimeTime Lockers

Two things Americans can’t seem to get enough of:  storage space and college sports.  Gladiator GarageWorks’ new line of storage lockers not only solves storage problems, but offers a way for homeowners to honor their favorite college teams with their own school locker.  These welded steel storage lockers have the team logo prominently displayed on the door and come in the schools’ colors.  What better way to show the world (or at least anyone passing your open garage door) that you support your favorite college team.

These welcome additions to Gladiator’s storage and organization solutions were unveiled on October 16th by Michigan State Men’s basketball coach, Tom Izzo. Mr. Izzo, of course has chosen a Michigan State Locker for his own garage, blatantly showing off his Spartan Spirit.  However, lockers are currently available at the Garage-Store Illinois for many other schools.

Is your favorite team on this list?

The PrimeTime™ Lockers are currently available for fans of the following teams: Universities of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and Wisconsin, as well as Auburn, Notre Dame, Pennsylvania State and Texas A&M,

Not just for the Garage

The lockers are 6 feet high and 12 inches wide, making them great for narrow spaces. They are not only a great place to store sports or other equipment in the garage, but would be equally at home in the game room, den, home gym or even as an extra bedroom closet. Just like regular school lockers, they feature a three-digit combination lock to keep contents safe.  They also come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Gladiator is launching this new line with a contest.  Sports fans, who post photos of themselves in college game day gear on Twitter using #PrimeTimePride, along with the hashtag for their college, will be entered for a chance to win a PrimeTime™ Locker featuring their favorite school.  The college with the most fan tweets will have their locker profiled on the Gladiator website.  Details about the contest are available at

Garage-Store Illinois is a Whirlpool approved designer and installer of Gladiator GarageWorks organization systems. Give us a call, visit our website or drop by our East Dundee showroom to see our full line of storage, organization and flooring solutions.

Go Team!

College Sports PrimeTime Lockers