Mudroom Makeover

Mud room makeover

Winter is just around the corner.  Gone are the days when we could run out the door in short sleeves and sandals.  We now bundle ourselves – and our children – up in coats, boots, scarves and mittens.  For many of us, the laundry room doubles as our mudroom, and the wet mess that comes in the back door can wreak havoc on our once pristine laundry rooms.

It is time for a mudroom makeover.

Here are a few tips to make your laundry/mud room more “user friendly” for all members of the family:

  1. A boot/shoe rack will keep wet boots and shoes off the floor, helping them dry faster while allowing for easy cleanup of the floor.
  2. Large hooks to hold winter coats will keep them neat and make it easy for small hands to hang their own coats.
  3. Wall-hung cabinet systems are perfect for extra paper products and cleaning supplies.
  4. Base cabinets hold things like mittens, scarves and even extra socks. They will also keep small tools and other odds and ends that collect in any home easily accessible.
  5. A countertop added to base cabinets makes a perfect place to fold clothes.
  6. Wall-mounted baskets and bins can hold dirty laundry, wet gloves and scarves and many other items that would otherwise clutter the room.

Whether you have dedicated rooms for laundry, entryway and utility, or combine all three functions in one room, a little imagination and thought can turn any and all areas into organized spaces that will welcome you and your family home, keep your home much cleaner and tidier, and make doing the laundry more of a pleasure and less a chore.

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