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Don’t Wait for a Flood to Consider a Polymer Floor Coating

Thursday, July 13th, 2017


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When Laura bought her home in Plainfield, Illinois, she was happy to have a finished basement.  It gave her teenage son the perfect place to hang out.  However, after only a couple of months, her sump pump failed during a rainstorm.  While the water did not reach the walls, the carpet was soaked, and had to be removed. She decided not to replace the carpet, but to call Garage Store and have a polymer floor installed. Two years later, after another water issue, she could not be happier with her decision.

Laura realized that even without a flood, her carpet could harbor mold, mildew and allergens that could pose a health risk to her son.  In fact, when she moved in, she did notice a “musty” smell in her basement.  Her dehumidifier seemed to be working overtime.

The decorative epoxy floor coating system she chose significantly reduced the humidity that had entered through her concrete floor, and often made the carpet feel damp. Today, after two years, the “musty” smell is completely gone. The floor is as beautiful as it was when it was installed.

The installation team from Garage Store came in, removed the remainder of glue and debris that had been left behind after the carpet was removed. They carefully prepared the floor to accept the epoxy coating. Because they professionally installed the coating, the floor can be expected to last over 30 years!  The cost was competitive with other flooring options, but when the longevity of this floor is considered, versus other options, including carpeting and tile, this is an extremely cost-effective option.

Laura has been pleasantly surprised about how easy the floor is to clean and maintain. The flooring keeps dust levels down. A damp mop is all that is needed to keep the floor clean and shiny.

The best news, however, is that her son, who suffers from allergies, can spend his time in the basement without any issues, keeping him both healthier and his mother happier.

While Laura is not happy that it took a flood for her to find the perfect basement flooring option, she is happy she called Garage Store.

If you are looking for a floor coating for your basement, garage, or even your patio or porch, call Garage Store to hear about their epoxy flooring systems at (847) 428-8862, or visit their website.

Unexpected Benefit of a Garage Makeover: Better Health

Monday, July 20th, 2015

Photo by: Mark Welsh | Daily Herald Staff Photographer


When a local Arlington Heights couple won the Daily Herald’s “Garage Makeover Contest,” The Garage Store of East Dundee not only organized the space, but repaired the cracking concrete floor and added a polymer coating. This not only improved the look of the space, but could save their son’s life.

The polymer coating the Garage Store installs for their residential customers uses the same materials and technology they use for clean rooms, restaurants, food storage facilities and other commercial applications.  This type of floor is not only easy to care for (dirt that comes in on automobiles can be quickly hosed off) but also vastly improves air quality.  This was extremely important to the winning family, as their son suffers from three immune deficiency diseases.  Tracking dirt, dust and road salt into their home could lead to a life-threatening event.

However, adding a polymer floor is not only for people with serious immune disorders, but for anyone who wishes to keep their garage healthier and cleaner.  And for people suffering from asthma and allergies, having a healthy, germ-free environment has become more than a convenience.

Concrete floors are porous and can harbor bacteria and dirt. As water and other liquids seep into the concrete, it can break apart, releasing dust particles in the air.  When adding a polymer floor, the dirt and debris are removed, crumbling concrete and cracks are repaired, and the floor is sealed with a non-porous coating that is easy to clean and maintain.

This flooring is not only for garages. Basement floors also harbor dust and dirt.  Encapsulating the dusty concrete with a healthy polymer coating can not only improve the air quality throughout the entire home, but also keep dust to a minimum, making the entire home more pleasant and easier to keep clean.

The Garage Store can install a healthy, durable and abrasion resistant floor to almost any area – residential or commercial. The floor can also incorporate various textured and anti-slip surfaces, further enhancing the beauty and safety of the area.  Call today to hear more (847) 428-8862.