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Garage Store – Not Just for Your Garage

Friday, January 20th, 2017


At Garage Store Illinois, our mission is to help people organize their space with quality products.  We design and install organization solutions and we provide concrete coating systems.

While our name is Garage Store, we go beyond just the garage.  Any area of your home, office or warehouse will benefit from being more organized.  Our epoxy coatings make concrete floors less dusty, healthier and much easier to clean.

In fact, your garage is just the beginning!

Classrooms/Instructional Centers


When you think about it, classrooms get a lot of abuse.  There are dozens of students coming through on a daily basis.  When you have a room that needs organizing, but also needs to hold up to a lot of wear and tear Gladiator GarageWorks storage solutions may be the perfect option.  This classroom has a combination of Wall Gear Boxes and Modular Gear Drawers with Modular Maple Tops.  This option doesn’t just provide adequate storage; it also provides a heavy-duty workspace.


Basement Flooring
7 donovan

A customer in Plainfield, IL had a massive flood in her basement.  The basement was carpeted and the flood destroyed the carpet and padding.  After having it removed she wanted a flooring solution that would be durable, yet attractive.  Using our Epoxy, Polyurea and Polyaspartic Concrete Coating System, we provided a flooring option that is attractive and easy to clean – a great alternative to bare concrete, tile, carpet or laminate. The best part is it won’t pop up, peel, or have to be removed if the basement floods in the future.


Office Area

Office Gladiator

Offices (either at home or off-site) are areas that need work spaces and good storage options.  Modular Gear Boxes with a Modular Maple top are a versatile and useful option for this home office that will last a lifetime.


Laundry Room

laundry room

Ask anyone who does the family’s laundry and they will tell you how important storage and a good workspace are for this usually neglected area.  Gladiator GarageWorks storage systems are versatile and functional, providing not only a place to fold laundry, but sturdy storage solutions that will make a trip to the laundry room a pleasure.




Creating a floor that will hold up to the elements – including motor oil, gasoline and winter salt – is what we do and it is a perfect solution for a garage. However, that same flooring system works for any outdoor concrete surface as well. Whether it is a patio, porch or driveway, our exterior coatings are a fantastic solution to cracked or pitted surfaces. The bonus is that our exterior concrete coatings will cost less than tearing out and re-pouring new concrete.


Look around your house, office, school or warehouse. Are there areas that could use more storage, a better workspace or alternative flooring?   If so, give Garage Store Illinois a call at (847) 428-8862



A Schaumburg Office Gets a Sidewalk Makeover

Monday, October 19th, 2015
Outdoor Epoxy Coating

Schaumburg Office Building – Before

While most people don’t think too much about the walkways leading to a building, the building’s overall design, curb appeal and even safety can be greatly diminished when the walkways leading to the building are not maintained.

A beautiful office building in Schaumburg was the perfect example.  The building, itself, was an architectural gem. The entrance was welcoming, the building materials were well chosen, and the expanse of windows, reflecting blue skies and lovely trees and bushes made the office welcoming and attractive. However, the expansive walkway leading to the building was a disaster.  The concrete pad was pitted, cracked and stained.  This greatly detracted from the curb appeal of the building.  The pits and cracks were also potentially tripping hazards – a very real liability risk. What should have been a welcoming feature became a detriment to its appeal.

While most people don’t think of adding epoxy flooring to outdoor spaces, the Garage Store’s commercial grade coatings offer superior concrete surface protection – making them impervious to wear and tear from  both foot and vehicle traffic.  The UV stable concrete coatings discourage fading.  The outdoor system is attractive and low maintenance. A quick rinse washes dirt and debris away, leaving a sparkling clean surface.  The coating is also slip-proof, making it a very safe alternative to pitted and cracked concrete.

Because there was no need to remove existing concrete, the Garage Store was able to install the commercial grade concrete coating over the Labor Day Weekend; there was no inconvenience or downtime for the tenants of the building.  On Tuesday morning, employees and visitors alike were welcomed to a building with a “new lease on life.”

For more information on commercial and residential flooring options, organization systems and garage accessories, call the Garage Store in East Dundee at (847) 428-8862.

Garage Store Outdoor Epoxy Coating

Schaumburg Office – After