College Lockers


Garage Gladiator College Lockers

Show your college pride with this welded steel storage locker with your team logo and colors. At 12 inches wide, the storage locker is perfect for the garage. This locker will be a perfect match with a Garage Store Gladiator Garageworks makeover. It's also a great storage and organizational solution for narrow spaces. Other features include a three-digit combination lock for added security. The durability of this locker is backed by a hassle-free, lifetime limited warranty. Designed & assembled in the USA


• All mounting hardware included
• Licensed collegiate team logo and colored door
• Integrated three-digit combination lock for added security
• 72" high x 12" width x 18" depth

Available Model #
GASL1AUBDG – Auburn University
GASL1LSUDG – Louisiana State University
GASL1MSUDG – Michigan State University
GASL1NDUDG – Notre Dame University
GASL1OSUDG – Ohio State University
GASL1PSUDG – Pennsylvania State University
GASL1SCUDG – South Carolina University
GASL1STUDG – Stanford University
GASL1TAMDG – Texas A M University
GASL1UALDG – Alabama University
GASL1UARDG – Arkansas University
GASL1UFLDG – Florida University
GASL1UGADG – Georgia University
GASL1UIADG – University of Iowa
GASL1UKYDG – University of Kentucky
GASL1UNCDG – University of North Carolina
GASL1UNEDG – University of Nebraska
GASL1UOKDG – University of Oklahoma
GASL1UOMDG – University of Michigan
GASL1UORDG – University of Oregon
GASL1USCDG – University of Southern California
GASL1UTNDG – University of Tennessee
GASL1UTXDG – University of Texas
GASL1UWIDG – University of Wisconsin

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