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Epoxy, Polyurea, Polyaspartic Flooring Systems

With hundreds of choices and products to select from, choosing an epoxy flooring system can be daunting and intimidating. The good news is Garage Store does all that work for you. Garage Store uses only the best industrial high performance epoxy floor coating systems for your garage, basement, commercial or exterior application.

Epoxies are thermosetting products known for excellent substrate called concrete, adhesion, mechanical properties, and chemical resistance. Epoxy flooring systems are made up of two components: an epoxy resin and a curing agent, also known as a catalyst or hardener.

The resin (part A) and curing agent (part B) are packaged separately and mixed just prior to use. When epoxy systems are used, single molecules, otherwise known as monomers, of the epoxy resin and the curing agent combine to form long chain molecules, also called polymers. As the epoxy “cures” it becomes a solid polymer system with superior characteristics of hardness and chemical resistance. These characteristics are dependent on the type of resin, curing agents, solvents and fillers used. Therefore, epoxies can be formulated to have a variety of physical properties which makes it difficult to generalize them as epoxies. Basically, all epoxies are not created equal and that’s why all of our installers are certified trained professionals.

Our trained professionals will evaluate your concrete to select the epoxy system that will create the strongest possible physical adhesion to the concrete.
Then we’ll select an epoxy flooring system that would be best compatible with the needs of the environment and the customer.
Finally, we will determine the amount of UV resistant needed to maintain the polymer floors life. Typically, we use a plyurea or ployaspartic topcoat when the coating system will be exposed to sun light.
Contact us for one of our certified professionals to evaluate your flooring needs and for more information about Epoxy flooring read our article; What is Epoxy?

Garage Store is your Chicago epoxy flooring systems leader servicing all of Chicagoland’s northwest suburbs such as Cary, Barrington, Crystal Lake, Palatine, Schaumburg, Naperville, and all surrounding suburbs, as well as southern Wisconsin and northwest Indiana. Contact us today for our overhead storage solutions, organization systems, garage accessories and more.

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