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Garage Flooring - Polymer Concrete Coatings

Many homeowners are paying closer attention to their garages after realizing what a shame it is to allow neglect and clutter to make such a large space unlivable. With a professionally installed, decorative concrete coating system applied to the garage floor, a rejuvenation of the space can literally start from the ground up. Followed with cabinets, overhead storage racks and upgraded lighting, the garage will become even more usable — making the garage another room of the house for work, play and even to entertain.

The Need for a Concrete Coating in the Garage

Garage floors have a number of drawbacks. For starters, concrete can develop unsightly cracks and pitting after only a few years from settling and weather. Also, the porous nature of concrete harbors dirt, bacteria and encourages enduring stains from fluids and car debris. Those stains, in turn, show all the grime and dirt, making the concrete dingy and difficult to clean. Bare concrete, in general, is difficult to clean and maintain; but with Garage Store flooring, you will have superior surface protection that will be easy to clean and last a lifetime.

One common way to refresh a concrete floor is by laying a coat of paint or a do-it-yourself epoxy coating; however, this cover-up is not a long-term solution. Water vapor, which escapes from the concrete, and heat from the tires, leads to bubbling and peeling of paint, leaving the floor looking even worse. Garage Store decorative floor systems transform damaged, hard to clean, unattractive concrete floor space into an elegant and durable flooring system. Whether you’re looking for everyday garage floor coatings or commercial work space, Garage Store has a flooring solution that will look great and fit perfectly into your budget.

Concrete Coating Materials

All coating materials are not created equal, nor serve the same purpose. There are different materials to repair concrete, fill joints, prevent vapor transmission and offer UV stability from sun exposure.

Jim Melchert, founder of, explains, “epoxy, polyurea and polyaspartic are various coating systems that use various polymer resins and curing agents that are all packaged separately, but then are mixed, just prior to use. However, when mixed and cured, the coating system becomes a solid polymer system that offers characteristics such as superior adhesion, hardness, UV stability and chemical resistance. These characteristics are dependent on the type of resins, curing agents, solvents and fillers used. The quality, cost, and durability of the coating system is related to the purpose. Be sure to consult a certified installer and review product specifications to ensure the correct product is used for your purpose.”

Concrete or Garage Floor Preparations

Preparation of the floor is key and can be the difference between a beautifully coated garage floor, or a disappointing result. The underlying concrete needs to be resurfaced with a diamond grinder or shot blaster to remove surface imperfections and/or debris. Then, cracks or pitting need to be addressed and repaired. Because of this, professional installation is highly recommended for coating systems.

Polymer or Epoxy Floor Care or Maintenance

Cleaning a coating system is refreshingly low maintenance, requiring little more than sweeping or dust mopping. Deeper cleaning should be done with mild, non-abrasive cleaners and degreasers. After cleaning, the garage floor should be rinsed well to avoid leaving any residue.

In the unlikely event of a serious gouge or dent, garage floor coatings can be easily repaired in large or small sections using the same products as the ones that were originally installed. However, while floor coatings are very durable and will last for years, they are not impervious to acids or certain automotive fluids. All spills should be cleaned up immediately.

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