Tool Storage


Tool Storage

Gladiator® Classic Series Tool Storage is the place to start organizing your ever-growing tool collection. Chicago garage tool storage by gladiator is modular, meaning as your collection grows, and you can easily add chests and roll-aways as you need them. Before you purchase a Chicago garage tool storage set, take a good look at your current tools to make sure you buy the right system for your needs.

What do I need from my tool storage?
In addition to a toolbox or bag for specific jobs, you'll need a combination of Roll-Aways and Chests. If you have a broad tool collection, like many homeowners, you should consider a Roll-Away and Chest like those in the Gladiator® Classic Series. Bigger collections with more frequent use, like those of professionals or heavy DIYers need the accessibility and durability offered by Gladiator® Premier Series and Gladiator® Premier Series Wide.

Where will my tool storage be situated?
When considering what tool storage to choose, accurately gauge the amount of space you have for it. Use a Roll-Away for limited space areas and use the top as a work surface. A greater amount of space offers you the flexibility to configure your tool storage area with a combination of Roll-Aways and Chests.

How will I grow my tool collection?
Consider how you plan on expanding your tool collection before you purchase your tool storage. It's best to always "buy a little more than you need". That way, you give yourself room to easily add newly acquired tools. As your collection grows further, you can consider adding more tool storage options.

Tool storage from Garage Store is one of the best investments for your garage that you will make. No one wants to have their tools scattered around their garage or home, never knowing where they might be. With Chicago garage tool storage, your tools will always be organized and will give you quick and easy accessibility. Garage Store can also help you organize other areas in your garage with garage accessories, bike storage, CarPad, garage accessories, vehicle lifts and cleaning products and more.

Garage Store is your Chicago garage tool storage leader servicing all of Chicagoland’s northwest suburbs such as Cary, Barrington, Crystal Lake, Palatine, Schaumburg, Naperville, and all surrounding suburbs including southern Wisconsin and northwest Indiana. Contact us today for garage flooring, overhead storage, garage accessories and more.

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