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How To Maintain and Clean Your Polymer Floor Coating

Garage Store’s epoxy, polyerua and polyaspartic floor coating systems are tough and non-absorptive, however, harsh cleaners may damage a polymer floor top coat. It is advisable to use materials that are neutral with a pH factor between 7 and 10. Garage Store recommends that you avoid all-purpose cleaners or soaps containing water soluble, inorganic or crystallizing salts, harmful high alkali or acid ingredients. Many sweeping compounds contain oils, which may be a fire hazard or cause slippery surfaces. Other sweeping compounds may contain sand which is hard to sweep, and can abrade the floor surface as well as dull the surface.

CLEANING PROCEDURES: Prior to maintaining and cleaning your polymer floor coating for the first time, we recommend that you test the cleaning solution in a small area on your garage, commercial, basement or exterior floor to determine its ability to clean and not leave a film on the surface of the floor coating. Your cleaning solution should not gum up your mop when cleaning your floor. You then can remove cleaning solution by squeegee or mop and rinse with ample clean water. It is important to keep the floor wet during this entire cleaning process so the dirt does not dry on the floor. Your tap water may cause a foggy effect on the cleaned surface because of the soluble salts it contains. Additionally, the quality of the water may change from different geographic locations, and therefore the same cleaning product may not work the same.

Dos and Don’ts For; Maintaining and Cleaning Your Polymer Floor Coating:

DO test all cleaning products in a small test area before cleaning the entire floor.
DO dust mop your high traffic floors daily, this not only picks up the dust, but also the grit tracked onto the floor. The grit acts as an abrasive on your hard surface floor and will eventually dull the surface.
DO scrub your new decorative polymer floor a minimum of once a week for the initial two to three months in order to limit dust which may adhere to the surface. After this period, a weekly scrub is advised, depending on the amount of foot and automobile traffic. Always rinse your floors well to prevent a build-up of cleaner residue that could become slippery.
DO allow your cleaner time to react as designed to loosen foreign matter. Several minutes should be adequate, but DO NOT allow the cleaning solution to dry on surface.
DO use a 3-M white type pad under the scrubbing machine during normal maintenance procedures.

DON’T use surface waxes or sealers. Use of such products can result in slippery surfaces.
DON’T use cleaners containing water soluble, inorganic or crystallizing salts, harmful alkali or acids. Use of such products could prove harmful to your decorative polymer floor.
DON’T try miracle cleaners on your floor without performing a small surface test first.
DON’T mix cleaners and always follow manufacturer instructions.
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